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Basic data  
Project source Competition
Project no. 100227
Client Mestna občina Maribor
Site Maribor, Slovenia
Date 2010
Project type Infrastructure
Program Raft for pedestrians
Architecture Tomaž Krištof
With Moritz Melchert (Slot)
  Andrej Šubic (KZPS)
  Kosta Jurkas (Stolp)
Photo Rene Gomolj
Rendering Matej Štefanac

Architectural competition for a new pedestrian bridge over the Drava river in Maribor


Our suggestion to the city is plain and simple: don’t build a bridge, build a raft! The raft brings people from one river bank to the other. Its form is clear and elegant - a single drop of water, silently moving on the surface of the river. As one of the most basic natural and geometrical forms it appears both futuristic and archaic; it's almost timeless.

The raft can become a stage or a statue, Maribor can lend it to a friendly city for a month. It can become a model for further rafts, a true icon, imagine three or four of them on the river; one used instead of a bridge, other instead if a bus, the third as a restaurant or a bar!

The raft functions completely automatically, like elevators in the buildings or metro trains in some cities. It is energetically self-sufficient. To move across the river, it uses the energy of water current. To raise the louvers, lid the interior and even play the music for the passengers, it uses the energy provided by solar panels on the roof.





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