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        21 jun 2021
Presentation of the project for renovation of Roška and Streliška towers
In recent months, Studio Krištof has been a part of one of the most beautiful stories of renovations of residential areas in our country. Representatives of the Roška and Streliška towers in Ljubljana, built in the 1960s and known for their lack of seismic safety, joined together and founded the Initiative for seismic renovation of the buildings. There are eight high-rises, with 340 apartments and almost 1,000 residents.

The integration of this many multi-apartment buildings is exceptional especially in a society where in individual multi-apartment buildings it is even difficult to find a common language for the replacement of entrance doors. The initiative for earthquake rehabilitation of high-rise buildings arose based on a study of earthquake solutions for 15 high-rise buildings in Ljubljana, which we created in Studio Krištof two years ago in collaboration with the Civil Engineering Institute - ZAG and the Faculty of Arts UL Faculty of the City of Ljubljana.

A very important part of the whole effort for the structural consolidation of buildings is also informing their apartment owners. On this year's first summer day, June 21 2021, in the park in front of the buildings, we had a presentation of the study. According to our estimates, the presentation was attended by about one sixth of all residents of these high-rises. The event was moderated by Maja Ivanic, the introductory speech was given by Slovenian former health minister, a resident of one of the high-rises, Dušan Keber, and the study was presented by its co-authors Marjana Lutman (ZAG) and Toma Kristof.
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