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12 dec 2023
Outsider - Architecture as a political act

The Outsider magazine published a longer interview with Tomaž Krištof. About politics, architecture and everything.

2 dec 2023
KOAI Bitola 2023

We participated in the Days of architects and urban planners in Bitola, North Macedonia.

29 nov 2023
Gregorčičeva Guardhouse

The first guardhouse was erected, in front of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia building on Gregorčičeva street.

02 nov 2023
Share Romania Forum 2023

We participated in the international architectural conference in Bucharest.

01 nov 2023
Exhibition in Bucharest:
Architecture as a Political Act

Studio Krištof exhibited in Bucharest, Romania!

25 oct 2023
Guardhouses in production

The first of the five guardhouses we designed for Ljubljana is in production.

10 oct 2023
Contemporary Middle European Architecture V4+

We participated in the conference on contemporary architecture of Central Europe in Budapes, Hungary.

25 aug 2023
Atelier Emona

We participated at the international student workshop Atelier Emona.

24 aug 2023
Council for Reconstruction

Tomaž Krištof was appointed as one of the members of the Council of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia for Reconstruction after the floods in August 2023.

06 jun 2023
Share Hungary Forum 2023

We participated in the international conference Share Hungary Forum 2023 in Budapest.

26 may 2023
Iso-Cube among the milestones

Our Riot-Isolation Cube project was named one of the 10 milestones of Slovenian architecture in the last 25 years.

25 may 2023
Hiše 25/50

We participated in the jubilee issue of Hiše magazine with answers about the past and future of Slovenian architecture.

03 apr 2023
What is the perspective of sustainable building renovation and construction in Slovenia?

Tomaž Krištof gave a lecture in the first conference of Stičišče.

15 mar 2023
Pro Bauhaus - Redundanca

Pro Bauhaus, a professional magazine for civil engineering, architecture, urbanism, interior and design, published an interview with Tomaž Kristof.

05 mar 2023
We wuz robbed

A burglar broke into our premises and took - nothing of great value, three drilling machines and one beer from the fridge.

16 feb 2023
Studio ob 17h (Studio at 5 pm) - How many buildings would collapse in an earthquake in our country?

Tomaž Krištof took part in the Radio Slovenija program Studio at 5 pm. The program was broadcast live, and the topic of this program was the seismic safety of buildings.

13 feb 2023
Arhitektura inventura exhibition

We participated in this year's biennial exhibition of the Association of Architects of Ljubljana, Arhitektura inventura 2020-2022.

23 dec 2022
Square in front of the Presidential Palace with a Roman wall

We prepared a proposal for a deepened square in front of the presidential palace.

28 nov 2022
Professional forum on sustainable building renovation and construction

We participated in the Professional forum on Sustainable Renovation and Construction of Buildings, organized in the EU House as part of the European Union's LIFE IP Care4Climate project.

23 nov 2022
Share Belgrade

We participated in the Share Belgrade 2022 conference organized by the Share Architects group in Belgrade, Serbia.

20 oct 2022
We have moved!

Our new premises are in the center of the city, in Stara Ljubljana, at Mestni trg 11.

27 sep 2022
Round table F3ŽO

We participated in a round table on improving the living conditions of the elderly within the framework of the Festival for the Third Life Period (F3ŽO).

09 sep 2022
Opening of the competition exhibition for Maribox

In the lobby of the Maribox cinema center, the opening of the exhibition of the works of the competition for the commercial and residential complex Maribox, where we received the first prize, was held.

02 sep 2022
Maribox Competition won!

We won the invited architectural competition for the residential and commercial complex Maribox on the left bank of the Drava next to the cinema center of the same name, in Maribor.

15 mar 2022
Put do kuće (The Way to a Home)

Our renovation projects of multi-apartment buildings are published in the collection "Put do kuće" of the publishing house Istraživački centar za protors University of Banja Luka.

09 may 2022
Share Nicosia 2022

We participated in the architecture forum Share Nicosia 2022 in Cyprus.

15 mar 2022
Interview for Delo

Newspaper Delo published an interview with Tomaž Krištof, regarding projects for solutions of the seismic problem of Roška and Streliška high-rise buildings.

6 mar 2022
Roška and Streliška towers in Kultura

Project of Seismic Solutions for Roška and Streliška towers was presented in the show Kultura on RTV SLO.

3 mar 2022
Roška and Streliška towers in Osmi dan

In the show "Osmi dan" RTV SLO published a longer article regarding solutions for the seismic problem of high-rise buildings in Ljubljana, with special emphasis on the Roška and Streliška towers.

11 oct 2021
Competition "Me, climate and architecture"

Tomaž Krištof participated as a member of the jury in the competition "Me, climate and architecture", organised for kindergarten children and  primary school pupils.

13 aug 2021
EDO festival 2021

Tomaž Krištof participated as a guest at the last evening of the film festival of Cities, Architecture and Urbanity.

02 jul 2021
Underground passage

We have finished a new project, underground passage at Gregorčičeva street in Ljubljana.
23 jun 2021
Sustainable Heritage Summer School

By presenting of projects for seismic solutions of 15 high-rise buildings in Ljubljana, we participated in the Sustainable Heritage Summer School, organised by the University of Ljubljana and ICOMOC Slovenia.

21 jun 2021
Roška and Streliška towers

Presentation of the project for renovation of Roška and Streliška towers at the parku between the buildings.

1 jun 2021
Jury for Vurnik Award 2021

Tomaž Krištof chaired the jury for the 2021 Vurnik Award.

25 may 2021
Roška and Streliška towers webpage

Initiative for the seismic rehabilitation of Roška and Streliška towers now has its own webpage.

11 may 2021
Earthquakes and real estate

We participated in the "Earthquakes and real estate" web conference.

15 mar 2021
Renovations of towers in Hiše magazine

Our project, renovation of Roška and Streliška towers, has been published in Hiše magazine.

12 feb 2021
Arhitektura inventura 2018-2020

Studio Krištof participates at the "Arhitektura Inventura 2019-2020" exhibition.

17 dec 2020
Care4climate Conference

We participated in the care4climate webinar, organized by ZRMK institute, Life IP Care4climate (EU), and Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning.

18 nov 2020
Architects declare

Studio Krištof has joined the declaration "Slovenian architects are declaring a climate crisis and the loss of biodiversity".

10 oct 2020
Share Bucharest 2020

Tomaž Krištof participated at the hybrid conference / webinar Share Bucharest 2020.

28 jun 2020
The world after Covid-19

A column on the world after the Covid-19 epidemic, authored by Tomaž Krištof, was published in the new issue of Hiše magazine.

22 jun 2020
3rd place for Grosuplje Cultural Center

Our team won a 3rd place prize in an architectural competition for the Cultural Center in Grosuplje.

20 jun 2020
Camping San Simon

Camping San Simon is now published on our webpage.

See the project...
26 may 2020
Round table on awards in culture

As part of the "Slovenian Book Days" festival, a virtual round table on the importance of awards for the self-employed in culture was organized.

21 may 2020
Share Sofia 2020

Tomaž Krištof participated as a moderator of the Share Sofia 2020 webinar.

10 apr 2020
Kranjska Iskrica competition

We participatet in a competition for housing Kranjska Iskrica.

23 mar 2020
Outsider : The Earthquake

An article entitled The Earthquake by Tomaž Krištof was published in the online edition of the magazine Outsider.

06 mar 2020
GBC Conference

Tomaž Krištof participated as a lecturer at the GBC conference on sustainable construction and renovation of buildings.

25 feb 2020
15 towers in TV show Koda

Our project of earthquake solutions for 15 buildings in Ljubljana was presented in show Koda on Slovene's national TV.

03 feb 2020
15 towers in Dnevnik

Our project of earthquake solutions for 15 buildings in Ljubljana was published as a headline news in Slovene's daily newspaper Dnevnik.

18 dec 2019
The Beach

As part of the renovation of Slovenska street in Ljubljana, a bench in front of Ljubljana stock-exchange was constructed.

10 dec 2019
15 towers

We have completed the project of earthquake solutions for 15 buildings in Ljubljana, built between 1958 and 1965.

02 dec 2019
2nd prize for Camping San Simon

We won the 2nd prize in competition for Camping San Simon!

29 nov 2019
Tools for Better Living

Tomaž Krištof participated the "Tools for Better Living" festival as one of the lecturer.

15 oct 2019
Pr5 renovation on Siol.net

Our first project on renovation of multi-apartment building, Pr5, has been published on a Slovene news portal Siol.net.

09 sep 2019
Contemporary Ljubljana architecture

Slovenska street is presented at the exhibition Comtemporary Ljubljana Architecture in the atrium of Ljubljana City Hall, organised by Open house Slovenia festival.

27 may 2019
Bulgarian Architecture Award 2019

Tomaž Krištof participated as a Consultative Council member for Bulgarian Architecture Award 2019.

20 may 2019
Interview for Tednik

Tomaž Krištof gave an interview on Slovene urbanism for a weekly show Tednik.

17 may 2019
Days of architecture Banja Luka 2019

Tomaž Krištof participated the Days of architecture Banja Luka as one of the guests of the panel discussion and with a lecture.

20 apr 2019
Whistleblowers, welcome!

Following the arrest of Julian Assange in London, Mladina weekly periodical published proposals for dwellings for whistleblowers on top of Slovenian embassies abroad, under the mentorship of Tomaž Krištof by the students of the Maribor FGPA and the Ljubljana FA.

15 apr 2019
Plečnik awards 2019

Tomaž Krištof chaired the jury for the handing out of the 2019 Plečnik Awards. We congratulate all the prize-winners and nominees!

12 apr 2019
Romanian Building Awards 2019

Tomaž Krištof participated as a jury member for Romanian Building Awards 2019.

21 mar 2019
Arhihome 2019

Tomaž Krištof participated as one of the speakers at the Arhihome 2019 conference.

14 mar 2019
Share Ljubljana 2019

Tomaž Krištof was a chairman of the Share Ljubljana 2019 conference.

26 feb 2019
TDD Portorož

We completed the technical due diligence of the Istrabenz Turizem's hotel complex in Portorož.

19 feb 2019
Share Skopje 2019

Tomaž Krištof participated at the Share Skopje 2019 conference.

14 jan 2019
1st prize at the competition for housing in Maribor

Our entry won the first prize at the competition for housing "Novo Pobrežje" in Maribor.

20 dec 2018
Guard houses Ljubljana

Our design proposal of new guard houses was approved by the investor and received all necessary approvals.

10 dec 2018
Gregorčičeva Street

We created a proposal for the reconstruction of Gregorčičeva Street in Ljubljana (self-initiative project).

03 dec 2018
Open house Slovenia 2019

At the Open house Slovenia 2019 festival Tomaž Krištof will contribute as a member of the jury.

26 nov 2018
San Simon Izola

We prepared a proposal for renovation of the San Simon hotel in Izola with the Reichenberg architects from Maribor.

26 oct 2018
Acting president of ZAPS

An assembly of the Chamber of Architecture and Spatial Planning of Slovenia (ZAPS), appointed Tomaž Krištof as acting President of ZAPS.

15 oct 2018
Grand opening of »Hiša dobre volje«

“Hiša dobre volje” (House of Good Will), the daily and intergenerational Center in Deskle, designed in cooperation with architect Kosta Jurkas has opened its doors!

19 sep 2018
Visit of Dominum projects from the Spanish Business Delegation

The Spanish Economic Delegation arrived for a two-day visit to Ljubljana. One of the main purposes of the visit was a tour of the Dominum projects designed by our office. In addition, a small workshop with four lectures and a meeting at Ljubljana City Hall of were also organised.

18 sep 2018
Interior of the year jury

Tomaž Krištof participated as a member of the panel of judges for the award “Interior of the year” as part of the event “Mesec oblikovanja 2018” (Design Month 2018).

Sincere congratulations to the finalists and award winners!

13 sep 2018
Another conference in Málaga

The comprehensive renovations of the Dominum multi-apartment residental buildings were presented at a new conference in Málaga, Spain.

27 jun 2018
3rd prize for the Dominum projects in Florence!

The comprehensive renovation project of the Dominum apartment buildings was awarded third place among the presented sustainable orientated EU projects, at the “Interregional Cooperation for Energy Transition” conference in Florence, Italy. The project was the highest placed architectural submission.

21 jun 2018
Conference in Ljubljana

We participated at the conference "Collective Housing : New Initiatives" in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

07 jun 2018
Conference in Málaga

We participated at a conference "Eficiencia Energetica en Construcción" in Málaga, Spain

20 apr 2018
Dominum has a new webpage!

Our subsidiary company Dominum d.o.o. has a new webpage.

12 apr 2018
Festival BIG architecture 2018

At the festival BIG architecture 2018 our architects Špela Zore and Alja Mišigoj held a lecture on the topic New world (stage 180).

04 apr 2018
Symposium Society, space, construction 2018

In the congress center Brdo pri Kranju, Tomaž Krištof participated as a lecturer for the symposium named Society, Space, Construction 2018.

19 mar 2018
TDD San Simon

We have finished technical due diligence of a pictoresque turist resort San Simon in Izola..

14 mar 2018
LEAG Conference

Tomaž Krištof participated as a lecturer at a conference organized by LEAG.

10 feb 2018
TDD Gaber

We have finished technical due diligence of an office-warehouse building Gaber.

29 jan 2018
Symposium on reconstructions

Tomaž Krištof participated as a lecturer at a symposium on reconstructions.

05 jan 2018
2nd prize for apartment building in Rožna dolina in Ljubljana

We participated an invited competition for apartment building in Rožna dolina in Ljubljana. Our project received a 2nd prize.

23 nov 2017
Apartments for whistleblowers published in AB: Architecture Builds the State

Apartments for whistleblowers on top of the roofs of Slovenian embassies, workshop projects designed by students lead by Tomaž Krištof in Nov 2016, were published in Slovene architectural magazine AB: Architecture Builds the State.

10 nov 2017
Amber road trekking cabins competition

We participated at a competition for trekking cabins along Amber road in Latvia, in cooperation with Kombinat arhitekti.

7 nov 2017
Intervju on RTV SLO

An interview with Tomaž Krištof for for show Odkrito on Slovene's national TV (channel 3).

22 sep 2017
Senseless renovations

A new article for Slovenian weekly magazine Mladina.

11 jul 2017
Bridge over Krka river

We have lost another competition, for a footbridge over Krka river.

09 jun 2017
3rd prize for Rakova Jelša

We have received the third prize on a competition for residential area Rakova Jelša in Ljubljana.

04 apr 2017
Elections won!

Our team has won the elections for a president of Chamber of Architecture and Spatial Planning of Slovenia (ZAPS).

06 apr 2017
TDD Kompas

We have just finished technical due diligence of Kompas MTS facility in Ljubljana.

03 apr 2017
Brdo 2

The competition project for social housing Brdo 2 that we did in cooperation with Kombinat arhitekti is now published on our web site.

30 mar 2017
Interview for Eko vest

Tomaž Krištof participated in a radio show "Thick skin of buildings", a part of "Eko vest" (Eco conscience) series of Radio Študent.

04 feb 2017
Dominum projects published

The Dominum projects (Pr5 and Ts2 renovations) were published in a magazine LC Tim in two articles under a section "Step forward".

17 jan 2017
A lecture at the Faculty of architecture in Ljubljana

Tomaž Krištof presented the progression of the Dominum projects at the lecture at Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

22 dec 2016
Mies van der Rohe Award nomination

Slovenska street renovation was nominated for the 2017 European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture – Mies van der Rohe Award.

09 dec 2016
A lecture at the ZBS conference

Tomaž Krištof gave lecture at the ZBS (Slovene Association for Concrete) conference.

20 nov 2016
Workshop New on top of the old is finished

Workshop New on top of the old, lead by Tomaž Krištof, was finished with a presentation at the Slovenian Pavilion [Home at Arsenale] at the Biennial of Architecture in Venice.

20 nov 2016
Dwelling as a political act (A lecture and an interview in Venice)
A lecture and an interview in Venice, on dwelling and political aspects of dwelling and architecture.

07 nov 2016
New on top of the old

Tomaž Krištof will lead student's workshop NEW ON TOP OF THE OLD.

The students will have to design apartments for whistleblowers on top of the roofs of Slovenian embassies around the world.

07 nov 2016
An interview for Kvadrati

An interview with Tomaž Krištof for Slovene weekly newspaper Kvadrati. On bedrooms, our last fortresses of intimacy against the outer world.

27 oct 2016
Second skin

We submitted our first project for Chinese developer Elab: a renovation of a kindergarten and a clubhouse in a residential area in Xiamen, abandoned already during the construction phase.

19 oct 2016
Drive-in Maribor

An article for AB-architect's bulletin, Slovenian architectural magazine. On infrastructural and parking facilities of the city of Maribor.

10 oct 2016
Golden Pencil award

Renovation of Slovenska street in Ljubljana was awarded with a Golden Pencil Award for Excellent Realisation by Chamber of Architecture and Spatial Planning Slovenia (ZAPS)

09 oct 2016
An interview for Nedelo

An interview with Tomaž Krištof for Slovene weekly newspaper Nedelo.

28 sep 2016
A lecture in Beijing

Tomaž Krištof gave a lecture at the International Development of Human settlements Forum, organized as a part of Beijing Desing Week 2016.

13 sep 2016
Sustainable energy locally

Tomaž Krištof participated as a speaker at the conference "Sustainable energy locally".

30 aug 2016
Beijing Design Week 2016

Studio Krištof was invited to participate at this year's Beijing Design Week!

01 aug 2016
Ts2 published

Our project Ts2-renovation was published in a book Välkommen till Framtiden, a catalogue of Architecture of Necessity exhibition in Småland, Sweeden.

04 jun 2016
Books on dwelling

A list of books on dweling selected by all ehibitors at this year's slovenian pavilion at bienale in Venice is now available on pavilion's homepage.

30 may 2016
EU Green Week conference

Tomaž Krištof participated as a speaker at the conference on sustainable building renovations.

27 may 2016
[Home at Arsenale]

An opening of Slovenian pavilion curated by Dekleva Gregorič architects at this year’s International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia. One of the invited participants is also Studio Krištof.

19 may 2016

An interview with Tomaž Krištof about position of architects in Slovenia after 2008 for Slovenian architectural magazine Hiše.
15 apr 2016
Iso-cube updated

We added new images to our old project, Riot-Isolation-Cube.

26 mar 2016
Architecture of necessity

We have been invited by international jury to participate at this year's Architectural trienalle Architecture of Necessity in Virserums Konsthall in Småland, Sweeden.

25 mar 2016
[Home at Arsenale]

We have been invited to participate at this year's Slovenian Pavilion at the Venice Architectural Bienalle (curators of Slovenian Pavilion: Dekleva Gregorič arhitekti).

20 mar 2016
Cankarjeva street renovation

Works on Cankarjeva street renovation in Ljubljana are mainly finished.

04 mar 2016
Dominum d.o.o.

We established a new company with our partners (Kostak, Delta-union, BM Inženiring), DOMINUM d.o.o.. Dominum is going to offer housing renovations, based on our two projects, Ts2 and Pr5.

04 mar 2016
Urban study

We submitted an urban study of three plots for our client, Ministry of internal affairs of Slovenia.

25 feb 2016
Round table

Tomaž Krištof participated as one of the speakers at a round-table debate "Residential Neighbourhoods" (FA LJ).

15 dec 2015
ATVP (Securities Market Agency)

Studio Krištof finished a small scale project for an entrance lobby of Securities Market Agency of Slovenia.

15 dec 2015
Housing blocks renovations

A new article by Tomaž Krištof on possibilities of housing blocks' renovations in AB Architect's Bulletin.

5 dec 2015
Slovenska street renovation

Studio Krištof​ was part of the design team that renovated the main boullevard of Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia (with Dekleva Gregorič arhitekti, Katušić Kocbek arhitekti, Sadar+Vuga and Scapelab).

25 nov 2015
Two industrial buildings checked

We just finished technical due diligence of two industrial buildings in Slovenia for German real-estate consulting company Drees&Sommer:

01 - Bosh, Škofja Loka
02 - Bosh, Železniki

5 nov 2015

Tomaž Krištof started working as a guest lecturer and critic on a faculty for architecture (FGPA) in Maribor.

FGPA Maribor...
16 oct 2015

Our competition entry for refugees' integration published in Outsider magazine

Outsider (magazine)...
14 oct 2015
Conference on migrations

Tomaž Krištof gave a lecture on spatial/urban aspects of migrations and refugee integration. With Rajko Muršič and Janja Brodar.

07 oct 2015
Refugee housing

We participated a competition for refugee housing in Slovenia, organized by Outsider magazine. Our project was selected as one of five finalists.
Co-authors: dr. Rajko Muršič and Janja Brodar (illustrations).

Outsider (magazine)...
29 jul 2015
Conceptual Architecture

One of our oldest projects (The White Peacock) on the cover of a book 'Conceptional Architecture' which includes architects such as MVRDV, BIG, Ofis, 3LHD, etc.
Published by Hi-design, Hong-Kong.

See the project...
29 jun 2015
Five buidlings checked

We just finished technical due diligence of five buildings in Slovenia and Croatia for Centrice:

01 - Rotonda, Ljubljana
02 - Castellum, Zagreb
03 - Brodarica, Split
04 - Škorpikova, Zagreb
05 - Stekleni dvor, Ljubljana

19 jun 2015
Yet another article on renovations

An article about the renovations in Slovenia in weekly newspaper Mladina.

Read the article....
18 jun 2015
Cankarjeva street renovation

Concrete works have started on first part of the renovation of Cankarjeva street in Ljubljana, between Slovenska and Beethovnova street.
17 jun 2015
An interview for for Delo in dom

An interview about renovations of apartment buildings in Slovenia.

Read the interview...
2 jun 2015
An interview for POP TV

An interview about renovations of apartment buildings in Slovenia.
24 apr 2015
Architecture of the future

Our project published in the article about the future of architecture (by Boris Matič, Mladina)

See the project...
03 mar 2015
Cankarjeva street renovation

After finishing a project for Slovenska street renovation in Ljubljana, we started working on a project for a renovation of another street in Ljubljana with the same team.
15 jan 2015
An interview for 8.dan

An interview about architectural competitions in Slovenia for Slovene national TV (RTV SLO).
6 nov 2014
A lecture in Maribor

Tomaž Krištof will give a lecture at the days of architecture in Maribor (Mariborski arhitekti, panorama)

8 oct 2014
Ts2 renovation

We did another project for housing block renovation: Ts2 in Ljubljana.

See the project...
6 oct 2014
Month of Design 2014

Studio Krištof participates with two projects at this year's Month of Design in Ljubljana: Muses and Ts2.

Month of Design (Mesec oblikovanja)
6 oct 2014
South-East Europe

Tomaž Krištof participated as a jury member at the 'South-East Europe Interiors' exhibition and awards a part of Month of Design in Ljubljana.

Month of Design (Mesec oblikovanja)
1 sep 2014
Back to School

Tomaž Krištof started working as a technical assistant in Jure Sadar's studio at Faculty of architecture in Ljubljana.

Faculty of Architecture, Ljubljana
30 jun 2014

Studio Krištof teamed-up with Slovene artist Damjana Stopar Štrovs to create a pavillion as a part of 'Muze' / 'The Muses' project at Month of design in Ljubljana.

Damjana Stopar Štrovs, Razjede

Month of Design (Mesec oblikovanja)
Damjana Stopar Štrovs
14 jun 2014
Music School Poznan

We participated a competition for Music school in Poznan (Poland) and got 2nd degree honorable mention. (With Easst.com and Sadar+Vuga)

See the project...
30 may 2014
Twin Villa

A new project for a twin villa above city park in Maribor, Slovenia.
See the project...
3 apr 2014
Round table

Tomaž Krištof participated as one of the speakers at a round-table debate "Do we need a spatial and landscape planning policy?" (MSUM)

See more...
20 dec 2013
Slovenia 2.0

Our proposal for a new Slovene flag sized 1000x2000px (2 milion pixels for 2 milion Slovenes)

See the project....
9 dec 2013
Elderly house in Slovenska Bistrica

The building is now officially open. First 60 residents (of 124) already moved in.

See the project....
20 nov 2013

DueDiligence, our trademark for property inspections, got a new webpage!
16 oct 2013
Pr5 Renovation

Housing block renovation with profit!
See the project...
12 oct 2013
BA 13

Tomaž Krištof will give a lecture on 'BIG arhitektura' conference in Ljubljana.
BA 13...
01 oct 2013
Ljubljana Stage

A suggestion to city of Ljubljana to build a sunken stage in the center of the city's main square.
See the project...
21 sep 2013
Gogol Fest Kiev

Our work will be presented on Gogol Fest in Kiev, Ukraine, by Rok Jereb as part of his lecture 'Sublime Fun (Private Joy in Being an Architect)'.
Jereb in Budja Arhitekti...
Gogol Fest...
22 jul 2013
Iso-Cube in 'Delo'

Riot Isolation Cube has just been published in Slovene main daily (political) newspaper Delo.

blog post...
6 jun 2013
R/K established!

We established a joint venture with Reichenberg Arhitektura.

25 may 2013
Second prize!

Iso-Cube got second prize at the international competition for Temporary Shelters in Turkey.

See the project...
8 may 2013
ATCC opening

On the 8th of May the new Air Traffic Control Center was opened. Mission accomplished.

(ATCC is a Sadar+Vuga project, Studio Krištof collaborated as a contractor for final detailed drawings and architectural construction site surveillance)

See our outsourced projects...
18 apr 2013
Riot Iso Cube

Iso-Cube has been selected as one of top ten projects at the international competition for Temporary Shelters in Turkey.

The final event with projects presentations and a final jury decision is going to take place at the end of May at 8th International Young Architects' Meeting in Antalya.

See the results...
12 feb 2013
Kindergarten Pedenjped

We participated + lost another competition.

See the project...
01 feb 2012
Studio Krištof now on Facebook

You have a great opportunity to like us!

Visit our FB site...
27 dec 2012
Studio Krištof on '8.dan'

Studio Krištof has been presented as one of the offices participating in a new type of cultural economy (office/people/project sharing) on Slovene national TV.

See the clip...
26 dec 2012
Riot Isolation Cube in 'Hiše'

Our latest project, Riot Isolation Cube, has just been published in Slovene architectural magazine Hiše.

See the project...
2 dec 2012
We have a president
Our ex-employee Borut Pahor has just been elected for a president of Republic of Slovenia!

Those who are also interested in voluntary working for Studio Krištof, please send us an email to office@studiokristof.com. There is a great future ahead of you!
20 nov 2012
Studio Krištof in 'Kult'

A preview of our work has just been published in 'Kult', an insert of Slovene main daily newspaper 'Delo'

See the story...
10 nov 2012
Lecture at "Pecha kucha Ribnica"

09 oct 2012
Studio Krištof is now a part of KEO group!

KEO is a consortium of six egineering companies for energetic renewals of buildings in Slovenia

21 sep 2012
Bridge over Ljubljanica

We participated + lost another competition.

See our entry....
14 sep 2012
New employee!

As a part of his campaign for presidential elections, Slovene former prime minister (and also former president of Slovene parliament, former social-democratic party leader, and former member of European parliament) Borut Pahor worked in our office for one day.

See more at:
news: www.borutpahor.si/....
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11 sep 2012
Elderly house in Slovenska Bistrica

First technical inspection of the building.

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28 aug 2012

About the same time we did a NUK2 competition in Ljubljana, JDS architects participated an invited competition for Xiasha cultural complex in China. By coincidence we both did almost the same project!

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27 jul 2012
Lecture at "Demanio Marittimo KM-278" in Ancona, Italy

An overnight 6pm - 6am architectural event with lectures, exhibition, DJ's and movies.

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24 jul 2012
Architectural counselling

As a part of European Capital of Culture, we gave a free architectural councelling at the main square in Maribor.

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15 jul 2012
Elderly house in Slovenska Bistrica

The construction site is almost finished. One more month to go!

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18 may 2012

We participated competition for the new national and university library of Slovenia in Ljubljana.

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18 apr 2012
Apartment renovation

Our renovation of the apartment was published in Slovene architectural magazine Hiše

For the article we counted the number of all things we have in the apartment (books, clothes, dishes, lights, etc.).
The number is 4054!

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12 apr 2012
Elderly house in Slovenska Bistrica

Concrete works are almost finished at the construction site of DSO.

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31 dec 2011
What a great year!

Studio Krištof again more than doubled its annual income.

If this is a crisis, let it last in 2012!

18 nov 2011
Lecture at "Next 20"

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30 oct 2011

In past three months we inspected nearly 300.000 sqm of 20 shopping malls in Slovenia and examined 1.500 folders of project documentation.
The Trajan project is now finished.
25 may 2011

We participated competition for new sports hall in Novo mesto, Slovenia.

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12 may 2011
Lecture at "Oder 180"

The answer to a question "how to make a good house" is very simple.

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The lecture was later repeated (with our permission) by Nenad Ravnić and Kata Marunica (NFO) in Croatia:
27 jan 2011
Lecture at "Pecha kucha Maribor"

20x20 seconds.

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09 sep 2010
Elderly house in Slovenska Bistrica

Foundation stone of Elderly house in Slovenska Bistrica was set.
(Photo: Branko F.)

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18 feb 2009
Kolizej Ljubljana

We have just signed a contract to work as a 'local architect' with Vasco+Partner (Austria) on a Neutelings-Riedijk project for a new hotel and opera in center of Ljubljana.
sep 2007
Graz - Kalvariengürtel

The most boring project we ever did got the 2nd prize at invited competition for urban development in Graz